• Rama Rasa


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    Choodamani Pradhanam
    Dance Drama

    40 member group with live orchestra, bringing alive the Kishkinda Kandam of Valmiki Ramayanam

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    Anupama Hoskere and Dhaatu Puppet Theater

    Ramayana Saptaswara
    Puppetry Show
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    Shankarananda Kalakshetra Ensemble

    Bhavayami Raghuramam
    Bharatanatyam Performance
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    Vishaka Hari

    Navarasa Ramayanam
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    J Sai Deepak

    Rajadharma, Lessons from the Ramayana
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    Abhilash Venkitachalam & Sai Vignesh

    Taraka Naama
    Musical Evening
  • Ramamrita

    Talks on Ramayana's varied facets by Illustrated speakers - curated by Dr. Anupama Kylash

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    Ami Ganatra

    Sankalp, Paap and Prayaschitta: perspectives from Valmiki Ramayana
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    Hemant Pandey

    Hanumat Darshan from Valmiki Ramayana
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    Sudha Seshaiyyan

    Kambaramayanam - A treasure for all times
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    Nagaraj Paturi

    Ramayana - A Living People's tradition
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    Vinay Varanasi


    Sita-MahaTripurasundari: Sita from a Shakta perspective 

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    Gauri Mahulikar


    Ramayana - Women composers and perpsectives

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    Surajit Dasgupta


    Ramayana : Krittibas onwards

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    Ramaa Bharadvaj


    Ramayana - Beyond the Desi Land

  • Workshops

    Kala - Charan: Learn a few of the kalas from the Natya Shastra

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    Chitra Kaushalya

    by Hema Kannan

    Drawing Auspiciousness - Kolam workshop
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    Mala Grathana

    by Rahul Teddy

    Making Garlands for the Gods
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    Sutra Putula
    by Anupama Hoskere

    Pulling Strings - Learn to manipulate puppets

  • Special features

    Exclusive features of Ramayana Kalpavrksam

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    Manas Paat

    by Pandit Dilkash Bharti Sadanand Vishwakarma and Party

    Traditional recitation & singing
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    Rama Ayana

    led by TK Saroja and TK Sujatha

    A public walk with Nagara Sankeertana
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    Pancharatna Kritis

    by Sweta Prasad and group

    Group rendition

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    Sanskriti Sangathana

    A brand showcase

    Short presentations by brands in the culture space

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    Artisan Corner

    Throughout the festival

    Shop cool merchandise from local artisans

  • Full Festival Schedule

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  • Time & Place


    Opp. CII, Near Google Office, Madhapur, Hyderabad

    31 March - 2 April 2023

  • Meet the Curators


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    Ananda Shankar Jayant

    Festival Curator


    Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant, is celebrated as one of India’s leading classical dancers, choreographers and dance scholars.

    With an acclaimed and intense body of work that spans rich mythologies, historical chronicles, searing commentaries on topical issues, philosophical enquiry, poetry, story telling, and humour, Ananda, constantly stretches the boundaries of artistic endeavour, using the grammar and idiom of the classical dance format, making her presentations at once contemporary and evocative.

    Engaging in every aspect of dance, Ananda, is a prolific solo and ensemble performer, a much loved teacher and Guru, a critically acclaimed and brilliant choreographer, and is a sought after motivational and leadership speaker and writer.

    Endowed with a natural flair for team playing and organisational acumen for collaborative work, Ananda has presented some of India’s signature festivals and conferences.

    A TED speaker in 2009, Ananda actively lectures on breast cancer support and advocacy issues, having successfully battled the illness herself.

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    Anupama Kylash

    Curator of Ramamrta, The Conference track


    The Ramayana is not only an Itihasa. It is the 'sutra', or thread, that binds the cultural, spiritual and philosophical ethos of the entire Indian Subcontinent, in one common essence, that is 'Dharma', a word, unique to us, as an ancient civilization.


    It gives me great pleasure to curate 'Rāmāmrta', the Conference segment of 'Ramayana Kalpavrksham ', which will focus on exploring every facet of the Ramayana, the original, retellings, analysis and interpretations by seasoned academics and experts, young, brilliant scholars and ardent devotees of Sri Rama!

  • Presented by

    Shankarananda Kalakshetra

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  • In collaboration with

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